Concept & Space Planning

Bringing life to every design with a blend of psychology and creative problem-solving, envision my design process as curating your favorite wardrobe (I have a Masters degree in the psychology of fashion after all) – a collaborative adventure that begins by delving into not just your aesthetic desires but also the profound reasons behind them. Together, let's craft spaces that seamlessly marry functionality with deep, heartfelt significance. Picture the start: meticulous space planning addresses your practical needs, while my knack for brand storytelling transforms your vision into imaginative visual narratives.

Sourcing & Design

In the next phase, we embark on an adventure into a world of possibilities – from a variety of price ranges to tailor-made solutions. I'll guide you through extensive product lists, share samples, and paint detailed elevations where needed. Once this stage unfolds, it's like handing over the keys to your creativity. If you're keen and enjoy a hands-on approach, you will have everything you need to steer the ship, adding a personal touch that not only brings flexibility but also opens the door to potential cost savings as you breathe life into your project. Of course, I’ll always be just a phone call away.

Procurement & Project Management

Passion fuels each of my creative endeavors, as I meticulously attend to the minutest details. When you entrust me with the full journey – managing everything from procurement, building work to styling – it not only saves you time and potential headaches but ensures the results will eloquently echo our shared vision, transforming your space into a vibrant celebration of your story.

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