The Room Makeover

Do you have an entire room in need of a complete overhaul?

Struggling to define your aesthetic in a sea or inspiration? Overwhelmed by trying to make your space meet all its intended functions? Let's decode your unique style and optimize your space for maximum livability! Embark on a playful journey as we uncover your design DNA with our extensive psychology-based questionnaire. Then, we'll conjure up to two delightful aesthetic directions per space for you to choose, infusing your vibe with captivating materials, textures, and colors, all while ensuring every element serves a purpose. 

What You'll Get: 

  • Customized digital mood boards

  • Tailored floor plan options designed to maximise space and functionality, ensuring every element serves a purpose.

Now, let's dive into the thrilling world of furniture hunting! Are you overwhelmed by endless options or seeking pieces with a unique story? Fear not, we have your back. We'll present curated selections tailored to your preferences and values, all within your budget. Get ready to explore bespoke solutions, connect with vintage traders or choose from contemporary design creations.

What's Included:

  • Extensive product lists across different budgets

  • Samples to enhance the multi-sensory experience

  • Options for bespoke solutions and custom furniture

  • Insider access to trade discounts and local artisans

  • Elevations where needed

When you're ready to take the lead in bringing your design vision to life, our tailored solutions provide you with the tools and guidance you need. From sourcing local trades and procuring products to overseeing styling, you'll have the resources to make it happen independently. And if you're seeking professional project management and installation assistance, that's just a booking away!

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