An Ode To Round Dining Tables

My love for round tables fully expressed in our little dining nook.

If you have read the story about my journey into the world of interiors then you may already know that I found this table on eBay. I had been looking for a round table because the dining area that the table was supposed to fit into was a squared nook in our open living space (back in Berlin). When we picked the table up we were told that it was over 20 years old. I paid €100 for it. At first, Timothy was not convinced because the table was covered in an epoxy that had yellowed through usage over the years. We hired a local tradesman who removed the epoxy and polished the table for about £200.

My recommendation for shopping on eBay: Think outside the box and don’t be put off by the apparent state of an item. More often than not, these things can easily be fixed, whether by reupholstering with modern fabric, a new coat of paint or simply giving something a good clean. The resale value of our marble table well exceeds what we originally bought it for plus the money invested for refurbishing!

Design by Golden Studio Melbourne
JDP Interiours

When creating our current dining nook, I was really inspired by these two images above and knew that I wanted to create a mixture of nook with a bench against the wall as well as a number of chairs that were each slightly different from each other. It makes each chair look like a sculpture in the room.

I’m a big fan of round tables for numerous reasons. One of the reasons I love them so much is because they are amazing at fostering a sense of community. Cafés often opt for round tables, because even when you’re sitting by yourself, it doesn’t necessarily feel awkward as there are no empty sides. When it comes to our table, whether Timothy and I are sitting at it alone or with one or more friends, we have found that there is a tangible sense of community that often fosters conversation and intimacy. So much so, that although the much more comfortable lounge area is less than 2 meters away, our friends tend to linger at the table until the end of the night. Another reason I love round tables is that it can be easier to fit them into small spaces, especially because they look just as good with only two chairs. Obviously this depends on the size of the table.

Table by Dirk Van Der Kooij for Design Concept by House of Grey
Soap Table by Sabine Marcelis
Maria Foerlef
Asplund Table by Note Design Studio
Bevel Table by Ferm Living

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