Transforming A Brighton Patio Into A Côte d’Azur Escape

Uncover the transformation of a snug patio into a Mediterranean-inspired haven that simultaneously respects and celebrates its British seaside location

Step into the sun-soaked transformation of this narrow, L-shaped patio in Brighton—a breezy town echoing British seaside charm. From repurposing a modular rattan sofa with bespoke striped upholstery from Colours of Arley to crafting a whimsical bar station from an abandoned candy bar cart, join me in harmonizing Mediterranean allure with a nod to our home’s history. Explore how I outdoor-proofed art, repurposed marble samples into a pavé-style coffee-table top, and gave old furniture new life. Read the full article about this patio paradise, where every piece tells a tale of seaside dreams and creative reinvention: How I Brought Côte d’Azur Allure to My Narrow, L-Shaped Patio

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