Atelier Akuko is a multi-disciplinary Brighton-based interior design studio, where storytelling takes centre stage. With every project, we immerse ourselves in our client's narrative, intertwining functional solutions with their deepest desires and the architectural nuances of the space. Our collaborative, psychology-informed approach delves into our clients’ underlying motivations, empowering us to make design choices that resonate on a profound level.

Aesthetic Philosophy

Our design language is a fusion of contemporary innovation, timeless elegance and quirky personality. We seamlessly blend eclectic vintage elements with sculptural objects and unique storage solutions, creating spaces that are both functional and visually captivating. Our refined colour schemes, inspired by art in its various forms, are carefully layered with patterns and textures, utilising wallpaper and fabrics to add depth and interest. With a preference for tactile materials such as stone and metals, we infuse warmth and character into every project. Our approach embodies great design without the ego, ensuring that each creation remains effortlessly relatable and distinctly unique.

Our Founder

Judith Achumba-Wöllenstein's passion for transforming spaces began during her childhood, witnessing her mother's creative redecorating in her family’s frequent international moves. After a successful career in fashion editing, she pursued studies at London College of Fashion, completing a Master in the "Psychology of Fashion and Design", blending insights into human behaviour with her love for aesthetics. In 2020, she founded Atelier Akuko, an extension of her successful psychology of fashion magazine, Hajinsky, aiming to offer psychology-based design advice that explains why design principles work and how they can be adapted to any style preference. Judith seamlessly transitioned from fashion to interiors, driven by her commitment to creating meaningful spaces. Her portfolio spans from full-service residential transformations to consultations for commercial retail spaces, earning recognition in prestigious publications like Domino Magazine, Wallpaper Magazine, Apartment Theory, House Beautiful, etc


Having navigated more than 20 moves throughout her life, Judith empathises deeply with fellow creative dreamers embarking on their own unique journeys. Like many seeking a meaningful career, Judith has resided in homes resembling Jerry's humble Mouse-abode, tucked behind skirting boards and evading Tom's prying paws. In spaces with low ceilings, scarce storage, and awkward corners, Judith sees not obstacles, but opportunities for design magic. Specialising in small, multi-functional spaces, she thrives on challenges, transforming limitations into spectacular solutions. From clever layouts to unique designs, Judith crafts homes that reflect the individual stories and situations of her clients. Her designs not only maximise space but also unlock the potential for her clients to become their best creative selves.


Judith is fervently dedicated to supporting entrepreneurs poised to take bold strides in their business ventures, whether it involves transitioning from the digital realm to a physical storefront or crafting standout boutique hospitality destinations. Drawing from her extensive background in art direction, PR, and marketing, honed through the successful establishment of multiple brands, Judith brings a wealth of invaluable experience to every project. With an innate understanding of her clients' visions, she is driven by a passion for creating immersive sensory experiences. However, her expertise extends beyond conventional interior design. As a former digital creative director, Judith leverages her expansive network of branding and marketing experts to offer comprehensive support. Whether it's refining the perfect logo, designing a compelling website, creating a signature smell or developing physical mementos, her client’s brand is assuredly in capable hands. Regardless of whether her clients are embarking on a new venture or seeking to enhance their brand presence, Judith remains steadfastly committed to crafting spaces and experiences that propel them toward their dreams.

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