A Colourful, Art-Filled Toddler's Bedroom

Discover how we infused vibrant functionality into this nursery through impactful, yet renter-friendly changes.

Step into the lively world of this toddler's nursery with my latest Domino article. Discover how I tackled the challenge of infusing color, patterns, and shapes into his space within the confines of this Brighton rental home. From framing vibrant tea towels by artist Yinka Ilori to cleverly using geometric fabrics on an IKEA unit, I share design solutions that celebrate this toddler's vivacious personality. Dive into the transformation journey, where practical furniture becomes versatile play zones, safety concerns are addressed stylishly, and a basic crib receives a playful upgrade with the help of Pretty Pegs Knobs. Click the link to explore the vibrant and functional haven we've crafted: [Read My Article On Domino Magazine].

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