Eclectic Elegance In A Formal Sitting Room

Uncover how we rekindled the soul of this Brighton home with an electric mix of inventive DIY marvels and vintage gems.

Embark on a journey into the heart of this Brighton rental home, where a modern white box yearned for the restoration of its lost soul. Seeking to revive the living room's fireplace, I navigated away from the conventional eBay salvaged wood mantel. Instead, I embraced creativity with the ingenious IKEA Lack shelf hack. Inspired by Ferm Living’s Tuck vase, I transformed the humble £10 ledge into a sculptural floating mantel using over six pounds of air-drying clay. Discover the artistry and practicality behind this unconventional solution, rekindling the fireplace's allure with a touch of imagination: Sculptural Mantle Piece Tutorial on Domino Magazine.

Following the demise of two vintage marble coffee tables, a serendipitous £20 eBay find sparked inspiration for a reflective and sculptural centerpiece. Explore the creative process behind this budget-friendly project that seamlessly marries style with functionality: Spherical Coffee Table Tutorial on Domino Magazine.

To complete the room I curated an eclectic blend of contemporary, post-modern, and vintage pieces complemented by a uniquely patterned rug.

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