Making Of: A Structural Pinboard

A simple guide to creating your own structural pinboard just like the one I have in my hallway.




Step 1 (Optional)

Sand the wooden frame and paint it whatever colour you prefer. This step is optional. I only painted mine, because I didn’t like the shade of wood the frame that I ordered came in.

Step 2

Put your pinboard cork-side-up on a flat surface and lay your fabric across it.

Step 3

Pull the fabric onto the pinboard, pinching and arranging it to suit your preference. Cut fabric to size if necessary.

Step 4

Using a hot glue gun attach the fabric to the pinboard making sure to work from the centre to the edges using plenty of glue wherever the fabric touches the pinboard.

Final Images

If you get stuck trying this DIY, feel free to message me via Instagram — @atelierakuko — I'm more than happy to help! And don't forget to tag me in your creations!

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